Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Remember Alfred Hitchcock's classic...
Vera Miles played the lead role.
When my family bought her estate, it had long been a hippie compound for years, everything was neglected, disrespected & the natural gullies were filled level with trash. The environment is a recent issue for the boomers. The place was is in total ruin. My family got it for next to nothing when I was a boy, now it is just lovely. My Mom & Dad could always see potential in the ugly.
I am so blessed to be the duckling, born to them


  1. i always thought Vera Miles was hot. Didn't know she was a stink hippie! Parents are cool!

  2. I don't think Vera was, I believe it was her lazy trust fund kids...

  3. Ah cool. cause she was sweetheart in Follow Me Boys.

  4. She's still alive, though, isn't she?

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