Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Stay off that knee" said Dr. MaGee

At home recovering.
Will I do it again, I tell you now, "never", in a month, "perhaps", by next year... I'll sign up.
I participated in an event that was a character builder at the very least.
The milage was boring in comparison to the crucible of personalities brewing in the late night hours.
During the day magnetos & hopes were fried.
The night, tantrums & wrenches thrown.
Riders with perfect scores lied & cheated as people with only a few hundred miles clocked proved to be inspiring to all.
Some where flown home under doctor's orders & others let their own poor sportsmanship pay for their flight.
The very same act was performed with perfect nuance by some & total hypocrisy by others.
I'm sure I drove people to near murder with my personality, but I also gained life long friends & fiends.
Among the newly beloved, and only at the very moment I publish this post will I remember the names I neglect, are;
Moe, Steve, Sean, Goose, Eric, Dale, "Bill's daughters", The Jersey Devil, Doug, Dave, Joe, The Motormaids &...


  1. hiya Jeff. Great summary of the event. It was all of those things and more. And I'm damn glad that it is over.

    Take care of your knee.

  2. Of course you, Matt & others are names I neglected to mention!
    You managed to keep a cool air & appearance about you at all times.
    Quite a gentleman you are Pete, Cheers.

  3. Like all I would love to hear all the sorted details, but I know that they will be left to those that were lucky to be part of and test by the long journey.
    Thank you to all those that participated and shared with others in all the different media
    Hopefully over the next days/weeks/months more stories will come out with the names changes to protect the innocent

  4. Jeff, I followed the ride closely. Pete, Dave, and Vince are all close by me here in Norcal so it was great to see them make the grade all riding singles. Dale and Matt always come through what ever the task. You might want to join us on some of our AMCA national road runs if you ever get some spare time. We do about 3 or 4 a year. Since 1987 I have rode between 30 and 40 in all different parts of the country. Usually about 500 miles over 3 days. Usually about 100 or so riders from all over on all types and vintage of machines. Meet great people and see great country. Just a thought. The knee will heal but the memories last for ever. p.S. Have rode Super X, 101 Scout, early knuckle on them over high mount passes and below sea level valleys. It doesn't get much better than that.