Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ladies Love Outlaws

Jen after a good beating


  1. geez jeff thanks. this photo is what having a big mouth USED to get you. I actually got this ass kicking for being pro life or according to the ass kickers anti choice. also helps to get your ass kicked young so maybe it's too late for some people.
    thanks for inviting me into blog land.
    so cool to see grown man boys documenting their mid life crisis's.
    p.s. i don't care anymore if sluts kill their babies

  2. oh and Max was right... San Francisco is full of faggots and dreamers

  3. This is certainly not the only Polaroid of Jen circulating on the internet!

  4. WOW! What a woman!

    I have a work colleague who has a double doctorate, he under took a pilgrimage of many thousands of miles to India, to me Mother Theresa.
    Planes, trains, bicycles, elephant and many more on foot, he had one question to ask.
    He waited for hours in the heat amongst the filth and stench, cued with the hundreds.
    When he finally stood before her, he said she looked like a hobbit, only four foot tall.
    The question was poised on his lips; he opened his mouth, but before the words flowed
    Mother Theresa said, “Abortion is murder”.
    Yes that was the question he had carried all those miles, the meeting was over in seconds.
    He still talks about his humbling encounter.

    I'm still getting my ass kicked at 53 it just takes longer to get up.

    Good on ya Jen.

    Cheers Richard