Monday, July 4, 2011


Michael Lichter has put on the finest art shows in Sturgis for years.
I hope I can help him live up the previous successes.
I will bring a good cross section of the art I made over the years, the majority of my motorcycle collection, and some of my favorite bikes built by others.
I have been stubborn, & chosen bikes that may not win beauty contests, but have influenced me.
I will be working on my T.E. Lawerence/Brough Superior SS100 sculpture to pass the time & demonstrate my process.
Please stop buy & say hello.
Cheers, jeff


  1. somehow i feel a real "wants" of any of them ;-) cheers martin

  2. Forks look better turned that direction on every bike....

  3. These are some great pieces. Those vests are amazing. You'll really be a head-turner when you wear these during a road trip.

    --Stephen Schaunt