Saturday, May 1, 2010

The agony of defeat

With the motor completely disassembled, we discovered the previous rebuild had left us with a scary repair on the cam, a 1/4" play in the drive shaft. A lack of replacement parts, even among the 1,000's available to us in the Competition Distributing stock, put a halt to our plan to rebuild her in a day.
I went home with my tail between my legs getting more & more nervous about the cross continental commitment I've made!


  1. go honda you will make the journey no problem

  2. Jeff loose not thy heart. A man made it, a man can fix it. The shaft is metal, no? Is metal not your friend? Metal is my friend. Wood my eternal sworn enemy.
    Embrace your medium, as it longs for your tender embrace.

  3. Don't fret Jeff. You guys can get it fixed with plenty of time for some more test runs. I had my Excelsior out today, getting ready. I'm sure I'll break down 10 times before September!

    see you there.

  4. great picture! i thought he was sitting under a giant bike at first!!