Saturday, May 1, 2010


Made a last minute trip to the Black Hills to pick up the 1914 original paint HD for the CANNONBALL.

The founder, Lonnie Isam Jr., spent the day before my arrival, trying to bring her to life.

We got her started, & I took off, at about 30mph, the road turned to gravel & I noticed I had to stop, go thru a barbed wire fence or make a sharp left or right.

I rocked the pedals backwards... a pedal fell off... no brakes.

I calmly pulled the clutch lever back, making note of were the rare pedal had fallen, and not found the clutch lever was in my hand, but no longer attached to the motorcycle.


no kill switch... barbed wire closer.

Disengage clutch with foot, & drag both feet to end my 1/4 mile trip, knowing I am a very long way from driving this bike 3200 miles in four months!


  1. You Cannonball boys have a serious pair. The romantic me thinks I'd love to do it if I had the time or money but the fact is 3200 miles is a LONG way. Not the first time I've lived vicariously through you in terms of motorcycles/motorcycling.

    OK, now the reason I'm even leaving a comment. We (my Dad, brother & I) were just discussing a photo we recently found of my Dad's Aunt. I think she might be on the back of a 1914. Somehow I doubt they were headed out on a 3200 mile trip.

  2. jeff it is cool that you are going to do this! i wish i could, but i would have to sell my collection to buy a bike. well i would rather finish building my 5 bikes. good luck brother, yet i know it takes skill.
    the ingot,
    please come on over and follow me.

  3. Was in visiting Matt and Carl Olsen on Saturday and got a few peaks at Matt's Cannonball motor bike. You are all going to have a trip of a lifetime.