Friday, July 2, 2010

John Reed is one of my heroes.

He has a homemade luge on his property, which is no longer operational, because after the 3rd crash at 50mph+ he deemed it unsafe!
Successful runs had taken him to much higher speeds.

He sent me these pictures showing the safety harnesses, with the excuse, he is now a senior citizen... look how high he is.

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame isn't enough for this kind of ruler.


  1. a thoroughly all round decent chap .... when you next speak to him say 'hello uncle bunt hows ol don bloxidge?'.. and tell him the brits have forgiven him for leaving the sinking ship!!!

  2. Trust me, that bloody luge run being decommissioned is a very good thing. How he didn't kill himself on it, I have no idea. Mind you, he's getting soft in his old age - a safety harness!