Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Stranger

As a boy, I passed & stopped at the Thousand Oaks Honda dealership & peeked in on new models & enjoyed watching the mechanics.
My Dad had told me one of the wrenches held some land speed records on a 'Limey" bike.
Marty Dickerson is the living heir to the Rollie Free throne.
I think, I became reacquainted with at Dick Busby's funeral.
I talked to him again at the filming of the 'World's Fastest Indian'.
Herb Harris recently told me another story that solidifies this man's legacy.

When he was a young man he rode from coast to coast on his HRD.
In each town he passed the word that he was willing to street race the local champ.
He won in every town challenge across America.
His reputation preceded him & upon entering a new town, word had already spread of the 'Stranger's' arrival.

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