Friday, August 20, 2010


Morbid perhaps, but it was the best thing in the show.
A restored car can be redone over & over again... who cares.
Had it been in original paint I would of had a nervous break down.
Restored cars & women with plastic surgery... all over Carmel.


  1. HaHa! Can't help but notice the sign. "A penis"

  2. Shoot! Original paint? Why stop there? Why not go for rusted into dust on the ground? Why restore anything? I should have let that victorian termite infested house I helped restore in New Orleans just self destruct. Fake tits are one thing but restoring coachbuilt cars to similar shape as original is actually making them more like they were Originally than they are once they have been negleted for 60 years. No Packard looked like the WW2 neglected one you posted when it was actually WW2 era. No coachbuilder of that era would be happy to see one of their cars in rust than in paint. Your sculpture and sculpture website is beautifully done but if you enjoy seeing restored coachbuilt cars destroyed that is where we part ways. If all these cars were never restored there would be few that actually looked "Original". P.S. I am a coachbuilder for a living, not just another no nothing posting on blogs.-Tim