Friday, February 25, 2011

Pictures are NOT worth 1000 words...

In far less than 1000 words I will touch the tip of an iceberg that will explain why this photo is no match for the words behind it.

Bobby Beausoleil was a handsome kid from Santa Barbara who saw thru the hippie scene. He was a throw back, as many of the bike rider of the sixties were, holding on to greased hair en leu of flowing locks.

When he moved to the Haight-Ashbury, he was novel.
Kenneth Anger, SFC's attempt at an Andy Warhol, fell in love.
He wanted Bobby to star in Lucifer Rising & Bobby wanted to do the sound track.
They moved in together, Bobby was straight, Kenneth was not.
Kenneth was attracted to straight men & you must know that the motorcycle classic, Scorpio Rising, was filmed using straight men (not actors)working on their bikes to light hearted pop music of the 50's playing in the background for a genius effect that may make you uncomfortable to ever wear a leather jacket again.
(p.s. I turned Cole Foster onto this cult classic & it remains one of our favorites)
The two got in a fight... not Cole & I.... Kenneth & Bobby & the latter moved to the SFV.
About this time Cole & I were little boys living in the area.
Bobby felt the southern scene to be much heavier & for him it was. He began hanging out with the Manson Family & was desperate to be part of the STRAIGHT SATAN MC.
In an attempt to impress the MC he scored $1000. worth of mescaline from a Family friend.
The Club was not happy with the junk & sent him get their money back.
He tied the guy up, took the titles to his cars, & pressed him for money.
He was there with a couple of Family girls & somebody called Charlie. He showed up & cut off the dudes ear & left. A day later Bobby killed the guy to keep him quiet. He penned 'Political Piggy' on the wall in the guys blood & he too left.
A week or so later the Manson Family made history that even I remember as a little boy hearing it on the local news.(13 channels then... maybe 10 worked)
Apparently Bobby & the Family were quite afraid of the STRAIGHT SATANS and wanted to believe public to believe the murders were politically radical in nature.
This is just another version of Bobby & the SS... but have you ever heard it?
Read this super fast & pretend I am telling you this story as I run out of breath...


  1. I wanted to tell a horrible story the way I talk...
    too fast & with out thinking.
    This was a product of one semester of typing class, a generally poor ability to spell & posting before revision.
    A teacher would have a field day.
    I am not inspired by Falkner, my sentences just run on, because I tend to punctuate when I have to breath.
    I would like to have a natural flow in my writing, but my speech is even less methodical.

  2. Kerouac with out the amphetamine

  3. Faulkner, I hardly knew her... But I did show her my Balzac!

    Had Charlie-dream a few weeks back, went to Oakland HD last week (gave me WRONG kick-stand spring btw) & finally got to see your sculpture in person out front. Now this. Trifecta complete.

  4. That story is true.
    If you can believe Bobby's original statement or subsequent parole board statements of the past 4 decades.
    He's stuck to his story, even most of the articles is the press draw generally the same picture.
    One difference I've noticed is about Charlie & the sword(obtained from Pres. of the SS) from a minor cut to the lopping off of the ear.
    The truth tends to be scarier than our imagination.

  5. a few years back I saw Scorpio Rising, Kustom Kar Kamandos and a couple other Anger films, they blew my mind.Great post


  7. I've have read everything i can about bobby,his prison life/art.his prison tattoos are interesting too. he's a very important folk hero of that scene/era! release cupid!!

  8. Iam a teacher, and i do have a field day every time i wander onto this blog/site....mostly because i learn so much about the indirect influences on my life.... i also love reading phonetic linguistics (for want of a better term).
    Much Respect.

  9. i am the nephew of shorty daniels the leader of the straight satans of venice in the late 60's he was killed in 72' i have no memory of him i was 4' when he was killed in an auto accident . if their is someone any one who remembers him please contact me at thanks

  10. My new email is if anyone remembers my uncle please contact me

  11. Joedy, My name is Jerry. I am Big Jacks son, he was in the club as well. so was my uncle Harry. I believe your uncle was married to my aunt Mary Jolene Ziriax