Tuesday, February 8, 2011

San Fernando Valley

Although I grew up just north of the Valley, the majority of the car & bike clubs I remember from my youth were based in the large vague grouping of cities know as the SFV.


  1. I worked with a guy at Perse Performance who was a Straight Satan. He walked up to me about a month after I started, and out of the blue, he says "You know, I was a Straight Satan". I kinda said "Yeah, OK....", and he rolls up his sleeve, and he had the faded club tattoo on his right forearm still.

    Guy seemed to be a total burnout when you talked to him, but he could run a CNC no problem, go figure. Claimed to have spent a lot of time at the Spahn Ranch, and knew Charlie. Don't know what happened to him after Perse went tits-up. I was long gone by then.

  2. In the early 70's I was a teenaged sidewalk commando in the small world known as "The Rock" by Foothill Div. of the LAPD that used the area as a training ground for rookies. Sunland/Tujunga in those days was pretty much ran by bikers ( not unlike the small town called charming, primarily shot in S/T), primarily Devils Henchman who wore colors openly with shotguns strapped to their chopper. This was still considered S.F. Valley but was really an island unto itself, seperated by miles of foothills from Sun Valley on one side and Glendale on the other.

    I suppose this is where I was the most influenced by scooter tramps, it was wide glides and fat bobs in those day with the occasional long bike thrown in. The streets were always occupied by some kind of chopper and nobody called them "bobbers" in those days.

    There was a small shop there on Foothill blvd called "RODAN'S" which was just a couple blocks from my house. Always a ton of bikes and bikers hanging about and Tom, who owned the joint, had a 25 over Indian Chief he rode as a daily. His place was in a small garage in nthe early 70's until he moved into the building that used to be the B&B bar.

    He built some crazy B'Ville shit, a blown nitro laydown Knuckle that I think went 170 mph or so. Later in life, until about 10 years ago, I went to him for parts. He only accepted cash and delivered what he promised. He was well known and liked in the neighborhood and I just thought now that the shop has gone that someone should remember this kat. I can't remember Tom's last name but I'll just bet that you do if you were in or around the valley in those days. I could write a book....

  3. One of best friends in the early 70's, his dad Wally worked at Gary Bangs shop in Canoga Park.Jason and I must of been about 9-10 yrs old at the time. His dad got us a job at Garys , sweeping and cleaning the place. I would always see guys wearing Straight Satan jackets.I would see so many clubs coming and going while we were screwing around out front riding our BMX bikes. The only time I got nervous is when HA would pull up to the shop, only because their were so many of them and their engines were so loud when they pulled up. Wally would tell us the story of when Charles Manson came to look at Wallys 49 pan that he was selling. Manson pulled up in dunebuggy with a 8ft 4x4 straped to the front. Walley and his brother asked him "what the fuck is that wood for" Manson told them " I use it to mow down peoples mailboxes" Wallys brother Red told manson to get the fuck outta here before they kick his ass. Growing up in 70's in Chatsworth Ca was golden.

  4. Kevinhog, I live up in that area. Been living in the "Rock" for about 14 yrs now. It used to be all Mongols yrs ago, Until ATF did a major bust on the club. The only colors i've seen in the area now are the Vagos. That shop your talking about has been gone for about 8yrs now. Remember the bar that was right next door. its now a beauty salon. Bar Industries is still going strong. The owner would tell me stories about the area and back when their was 40 plus biker bars along foothill blvd, that would run from the 210 to Lowell ave. This is still a heavy area for bikers.

  5. Kevin & Louie, My dad's best friend was a guy named Tom Dyer, his nick name was Jake, my brother is named after him.
    He had a bike shop in that area, has moved to Maine maybe a decade ago, & we have lost contact with... I wonder if it is the same guy.

  6. JD. The guy Kevin is referring to is Tom Evans. He use to own The bike shop "Rodans" on Foothill blvd which he sold to Roy and John. The shop is no longer there, I believe Roy and John now work out of their house. It was right next door to an old Mongol bar called "the place". Not sure if my name dropping is any help to ya? Kevin might know a little more.

  7. Tom Evans, that's right. He worked in that little shop there for 25 years or more with his wife. I think he left the shop as a result of divorse from that lady. She was a trip too, did all the books according to Tom. I know who might know more about him. If you're familiar with Bob (noisy) Noise, he's been around the B'ville scene for years and knows anybody in drag racing back from the very beginnings. He and Tom were pretty good buddies. I wouldn't be suprised if you don't find him on a blog or forum somewhere living for land speed racing HD's.

  8. Bob Noice

    Noice has been a major presence at both the dry lakes and in drag racing for many years. He began his dry lakes career in the early 1960s, and his Glendale-based Accessories Limited-sponsored D/FD held its own against blown gassers in early '60s Top Gas competition. It was a predecessor to the later established Jr. Fueler class. From there, he quickly moved on to Top Fuel, where he drove for Jim Brissette and others.

    He later served as a crew chief for several Top Fuel teams, including John Mitchell's Montana Express and Tommy Johnson Jr.

  9. I just got an education...
    When does my diploma come in the mail?
    Thanks for sharing, I can only imagine what it must have been like back then. Too cool.

  10. My uncle was a president for the straight satans back in the 60s and 70s. He passed away when i was 4 i have pictures with him sitting on his knuckle head that he built. The bike is sitting in his brothers garage for the past 25 years. Ive been begging him to let me restore the bike for the past 10 years to no avail. He leaves for work at 9am that might be the time to swing by and grab it. I will track down some of his old photos to share

  11. My father was the pres. Of the venice chapter same time period went by skinney I just inherated the ss book and the barried patch along with sunnys 1% patch the one he tore off and said f the.... any way you can ...

    1. John, my dad knew skinny really well, they ran togeather for years, his nickbame was socal, he just passed away almost two weeks ago, im trying to find a pic of his bike for a memorial tat, if you have any pics you coild share with me ide be really grateful, ty

  12. John, my dad was in the club till he was murdered in Phoenix,Az March of 1976. He got in the club in the 60's. His name was Big Jack. real name was
    Edward Jackson Ziriax. My aunt Nelda's husband was in the club as well and his name is Harry O'brien. My mom has told me stories of those days. i only have one picture of him during that time of his life and he is holding me and my twin brother. if by chance you have any pics of him or of the club i would like to have a copy of them if you dont mind