Friday, May 13, 2011

FRIDAY the 13th

No 13th floor in buildings.
No number 13 button to push in the elevator.
13 is an unlucky number.
Bike riders use it it represent the letter M.
Shallow t-shirt companies call it LUCKY.
On friday, May 13th 1307, Pope Clement V ordered the Knights Templar be burned at the stake.
Their power and influence in this world is still present, from the way we bank to the way we keep a secret. Even as a basic advertising design, this shape still has a allure.
As a boy I remember the racing cams that sponsored local drag strips, then the skate trucks & finally the logo Rob helped Jesse put together for his bike shop.
The cross is far more familiar to us, than the history of the crusaders of Solomon's temple.
Secret societies today still claim, albeit broken, link this fascinating order.


  1. Good info--fascinating history. The cross has been an archetypal symbol in nearly every culture around the world.

    And I still ride Independent trucks...when I can haul my old ass onto a skate.

  2. Still have an Indy stage 5 from 86. Ventures were probably just as good but that Indy logo was to sick.

  3. there's no 13th floor in buildings cause the 13th tribe of judah is lost

  4. @hilter'sgardner
    Judah is 1 of the 12 tribes of Isreal and most of them are lost.

  5. 13's my lucky number
    to u it means stay inside
    black cat done crossed my path
    no reason to run + hide

  6. It means one more than 12 and one less than 14 to me.
    Just noting WHY is it considered unlucky.
    It is just as silly to think it is lucky, as it is to think it is unlucky.

  7. since you mentioned some of those secret societiesbeing distantly related to the Knights Templar... and being a member of one of those very societys myself... and knowing a little bit about your background from what I've learned here and another site or two... could you, or would you be willing to share your knowledge of how the Mormons and Freemasons are or might be connected? If not I understand...

    And, thanks for your post and thanks for your art!

  8. i just like that song jeffrey

  9. 5 times sq & some of the trade center buildings in nyc have a 13th floor oh! your right thou, most don't

  10. Scott, the connection between the Templars & later Lodges is a bit of a stretch. Lots of the symbolic rights and rituals show up in many ancient esoteric schools. Joseph Smith was of the 33rd degree at a time when Masons where hated almost as much as Mormons. On the frontier I think both groups looked for security from each other. When Joseph was murdered he appealed for help making reference the the Widow's son, because perhaps some of the mob were fellow Masons. By the time there was an extermination order on Mormons, and were forced to head west, the Masons no longer granted them the right open new lodges. I am no expect, but that is a little I've read...hope it helps.

  11. Thanks! I agree on the connection between the Templars and Masons... but some of the old timers stil hold to that story as well as the connection with King Solomon! I didn't realize Joseph Smith was a Brother but that explains what I've seen... thanks for the note!

  12. this is why i read this blog. not everything is biker this and biker that. so much interconnectivity between the things we see that most are unaware of. that, and kill all bankers, stick it to the corporate man, and freedom or death.