Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nice full face

Paulo sent a groovy helmet almost a year ago.
It never made it here!
He kindly sent a second.
Someone in Brazil is sporting a nice Joe King Helmet with the HIPPODROME logo & now I am too!
This beauty reminds me of the helmet my dad wore when he bracket raced at the Antique Nationals.


  1. Very nice. Speaking of the Antique Nationals, they are right around the corner (June 5). You going?

  2. No, but I am going to the LA Roadster Show. (Father's Day)

  3. Nice lid you have there,greets from germany.

  4. Was wondering why you never had a complete photo of the first helmet you posted awhile ago....another piece of history made, if they don't paint the helmet over...

  5. looks like ive had a paulo helmet go missing too...maybe a little further away australia though.

  6. It shows well with the pinecone pattern Roseville...