Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family celluloid

My mom kept 100s of photos in volumes of albums that bring to tears to my eyes still to this day.
We need to print things on tangible mediums, as I fear all this information we have available to us now is only on the screen we are looking at.
There is no charm in a disc of info.
JJ suggests I start using a Polaroid, & I think he is right.
I believe I will.
I know I am naive & backward, but if offered a disk of images for $1 or a greasy photo album full of faded images for $100. the decision would be made with out hesitation.


  1. Tangible is right Jeff. I struggle with this on a daily basis doing 3D modeling. Its great and all being so unlimited with technology, but at the end of the day the 12 hours you just spent on what ever item you modeled, its still locked within the screen you're looking at. You can never hold it with your own two hands.

  2. Great pics Jeff. I feel the same way about the photos. If my hardrive crashed, I'm afraid I'd have very few evidences that 2 of my 4 kids ever existed! You've inspired me to start getting this stuff printed. Please keep posting photos from your albums...

  3. Jeff, you're totally right. When our folks kick the bucket we get to go through old boxes of photos that show our families and friends being themselves, warts and all. When the digital aged ones die there will be far less to reminisce over. I've all but stopped using my digital camera for that reason. Get yourself to a goodwill store or a flea market, you can get an old Polaroid land camera for 5 bucks. A new battery for it for 3. And fuji makes film for them for 10 bucks a pack.

  4. The colors in instant film will go fugitive in a fairly short amount of time.
    A proper digital scan (stored on external hard drive) then printed with todays pigment ink pro printers are will give you many decades of photo viewing. You can even restore original color etc... Can't do that with polaroid style film. Your concern with discs is correct. Some studies show that they start to degrade in only 3-4 years. You still get what you pay for!