Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The time has come... the time has come today!

Really, 2065 emails.
I threw my TV out over 15 years ago, & don't miss it.
I've smashed cell phones in embarrassing fits.
This computer is next.

The motor on this soul sucker seized.
I took it to the mechanic & in little more than a week he gave it back in running order.
I didn't miss it in the least!

I may be slow in returning emails or choose the easy way out.
I may commit a bit of the old ultra violence on either myself or the screen I am looking into.
This my be the end of your humble narrator.

Maybe in retirement I can follow thru with my idol threat, & rid myself of all these shackles.


  1. id say good on you if you did...but i am interested in what you do mate so i would be slightly sad.

  2. I say go for it man. It would be like watching the chief jump the fence in Coocoo's nest.

  3. Jeff,

    I followed you for a long time and admire your work a great deal. But let me be a devil's advocate. You have railed about the "burden" before. If you want out, do it. But let me tell you this it's a bunch of BS. You are an artist whose fame was built in part thanks to the internet and as an artist you will never be happy without an audience. You sound like a chick who just got a boob job complaining about people looking at her tits. To me the best way to rid yourself of these shackles is embrace the nature of it and accept it. Otherwise quit your bitching and do something about it. Leave this existential philosphizing to skinny little guys with berets and cigarrettes. Count on me to lighten your burden by one.Good luck.


  4. Don't do it Jeff. I enjoy reading your adventures and seeing your work too much!