Thursday, January 13, 2011


Send a self addressed 4x6 envelope, & I'll send back stickers... & I'll sell your name to Publisher's Clearing House...
Really on the stickers, not really on the the later.


  1. love to a patch version!

    side note...found this jay leno interview with you in the backround at first
    big fan, sir

  2. what address do we send it to? Maybe you could just give it to your son to drop off at the weld shop at school?

  3. That would help...

    jeff decker
    1948 east Town & Country rd.
    Springville, Utah

    I will put the stickers in the envelope & if your stamp will carry it home, I'll send it anywhere in the world

  4. Hi Jeff, I wouldnt mind having your sticker on my workshops "wall of fame" (tool cabinet door), you would be in god company there :-) Problem is Norways postal system sell Norwegian stamps or, they sell international answer coupons that the reciever can change for local brand stamps at his local post office :-(
    Or I can stick a USD note in the letter and you would have to change this for one of your own stamps.
    I would think the last is the easy way around?

  5. I just saw the Vincent in person! DETAILS,DETAILS, DETAILS! I work up in Park City and it is just a few doors down from my office.

    The pictures are good. But, In person it blows my mind.


  6. It´s a deal! Envelope on the way from Norway.

    Cheers, Johan

  7. Thanks for the offer! Always loved your logo and will gladly use this to help promote your amazing work -;0)