Monday, March 7, 2011


My focus has always been on by-gone clubs & telling an untold story.
Because many different clubs shared the same names, on occasion I have come in contact with pieces that tie to currently existing clubs, & have tried to do the right thing by those clubs.
The sad truth is that after amassing as any cuts as I have many wholes are left.
Huge gaps in time lines & history exist regards early 1%er MCs.
I have decided the most truthful story can only be told from the folk that exists in the cuts themselves.

History is written by the historian, liar or victor, does anyone out there know anything about the DEAD PROPHETS?

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  1. the Prophets were a low-key crew out of the old country.
    the got patched over by a much larger outfit from Italy,
    i heard they executed the Prophets Pres.