Thursday, March 24, 2011

smoke & mirrors

The TV is passé & the is king.
A place where anonymous cowards make claims & no one calls them on it.
Cole & I have been at this game pretty long & we've gotten more than our fair share of press.
We have been asked to star in Easy Rider 2, & a dozen other hair-brained schemes that haven't & will not come to pass.

When Billy Gibbins gave us his business card, it read;

friend of ERIC CLAPTON

We loved that, stole it & made cards that read;

friend of JD

friend of CF

We have been all over this planet together, some how people believe, we have arrived.
That couldn't be further from the truth.
Maybe people know what Cole got for the Metalicoupe, or what I got for the HD monument, but that was a lot of work that amortized over years, really years.
We aren't retired, or ever received a check that allowed us to buy a second home & a Ferrari.
We are kooks like you... in our mid 40's! Listen man, the orthodontist in your neighbor makes more than us!
We do the things we do, because we are both hopeless romantics, father worshipers, doing the only thing we know how to do.
Don't envy us or pity us, the life we lead, is way less glamourous than people think!


  1. Glad you didn't do it!

  2. But you would have to admit, you have had some very nice life experiences.

  3. Looks pretty glamorous from where I sit. That doesn't mean it's not earned. As for the Matallica 36, I love Cole because of that car. Not the other way around.

  4. I don't get the time I just spent watching the Easy Rider 2 trailer back, do I...

  5. just watch the trailer myself.
    didn't even know it existed.
    what I am referring to is an offer made to us years ago, can you imagine, the mocking, had it happened!
    so sad.
    I am not a fan of the first movie.
    Maybe missed opportunities are blessings in disguise!

  6. Back in the day the ultimate accolade was and still is to many showing class. You and Cole do the love of high octane culture shines through in all your projects. The adherence to what you believe over get rich quick projects is the essence of showing class. Who cares if your as rich as Croesus or just earning an average wage those who do are without soul endeavour & honour.

  7. Riding motorcycles, talking about motorcycles, looking at motorcycles = wildly exciting.

    Dramatic movies and TV series about doing those things = wildly stupid.

  8. It's all very romantic to the outside world and makes good print and film. But to the true gearheads/builder this is "just what we do " our expression our canvas audience or not appreciated or dispised, paid, unpaid.

  9. Jeff - The fact that you bring this thing up from time to time is suspect. Your work speaks with more truth and volume than anything that will ever come out of your mouth.


  11. Haha! It has always been funny to me, especially locally living in a small town, that the general perspective of the onlooker is that all craftsmen,artist, or even small business owners are rich! Throw in some national recognition of some sort, and they are "Living the life". They don't take into consideration all of the hours that go into mastering the trade or skill that it takes to get to that point. Or maybe the sleepless nights with nonstop thoughts about a project that consumes you. I read a quote the other day that has really stuck with me, "The one who DOES, is the envy of the one who only watches." That quote has since made its way to numerous spots around the shop. Sorry I rambled so much, I could have just said a simple well said Jeff!

  12. You are preaching to the Choir on that one!

  13. Jeff-I tell my wife all the time that we are much better "poor" people than we are when we have money. Wealth is measured in so many ways...I believe you have it. I only met you once but I respect you. I hope that one day I will be good enough at one thing to be considered in the same regard as you are held in your profession. Thanks for the posts!

  14. "The TV is passé & the is king.
    A place where anonymous cowards make claims & no one calls them on it."
    Never a truer statement has been said!