Saturday, March 26, 2011

Local board track Indian

I noticed this bike well over a decade ago at the Scera Theatre in Orem, Utah.
I would ask about it often, & no one ever return my calls.
Then they remodeled the place and almost ruined this bike.
It is completely original, but they had an insensitive amateur put some kind of clear coat on it, really bad bicycle tires and the wrong seat post, that came straight out of the frame, unlike the original that angled at more than 90 degrees to bring the seat low & back. The seat should sit flush with the frame, & there is even residue from the original friction tape that was rapped around the nose of the seat & thru the top frame tube. The seat used to sit a good 6" a top the post & they did lower it, perhaps the only concession they made to my whining. Worst of all it was put behind glass.
This was a local guy that was ranked nationally, and raced & beat the best in the pre teens era. His leather helmet, trophies, photos, gloves, extra carb & a brief write up of the his history all complement the provenance of this well prserved race machine. His name was Theodore M. Samuelson & he was monikered "The Mormon Daredevil" & the "Pride of Provo". In about 1996, when I was sculpting & doing heavy research on this subject, I wanted to used this bike as a model, & quite frankly wanted to own it really bad. I was never called back or given the time of day, & when it was "cleaned up" I was really upset, for I would have conserved it, much better, just for the right to study it up close. I go back from time to time, but it really bothers me to see this beast in a cage. It is like the old lion I remember at the L.A. Zoo that just sat there waiting to die.


  1. Non-reversible preservation bad call. Phone call to you, priceless.

  2. That SUCKS. I've seen several high-end stationary engines from the turn of the century and before that have been painted directly over excellent original paint, lettering, pinstriping, and water transfer decals. It is possible to remove the "pretty and shiny new paint" especially if they did no prep work, but it's a slow, miserable process. I have no idea if it would be possible on a clearcoat.

    Since phone calls aren't working, have you tried applying in person? Bring a portfolio of pictures, video, ride your '14 Harley into the office of the head motherfucker in charge and drip some oil on his carpet. Show them you're a sick twisted mechanical fetishist who thinks it's enjoyable to work on old shit for the sake of working on old shit. Be a terrible annoyance and allow them no possible reason to say no.

  3. I work right next door to the Scera Theatre and have seen this bike a few times. Its funny, when I first saw it I remember thinking something didn't quite look right with the tires. I guess my instincts were right. Its a shame. Maybe I'll go pester them about it after work...

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