Friday, February 26, 2010

HIPPOJOMO...I don't feel flattered

In 1995, I decided to pay tribute to my favorite motorcycle, the CYCLONE, by integrating part of the 1915 sales brochure cover right into my logo. One of the things I left out was the cyclone dust cloud. Sean must of felt it was stronger with it left intact. Now I know why he avoided me at Rin Tanaka's 'Inspiration' gathering in Santa Monica.

LUCKY jeans... but for how long?

I collect early MC colors & ephemera.
It is the single greatest manifestation of motorcycle cultural folk art.

I do NOT exploit my passion.

If you think I profit from the short run of books I publish on occasion, think again.

For those who do not understand my intentions, they may think I walk on thin ice, yet for those understand, I walk on water.

The posted image is disgusting.
The designer, the jean company, as well as anyone who wears this are clueless.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have been informed as of late, that BLOGs are gay.
I agree.
My wife is a beard & my four kids are props.

While most were growing tired of BLOGs, I still had my nose buried in books... remember those?
I have a vast library of photos & thoughts yet to share, and as of this writing over 170 people actually care, or at least, I must make for light entertainment or mild amusement.

When it comes to modern technology, I must admit, I lack.

Entering an APPLE store is traumatic for me.
I want to commit a bit of the old ultra violence when I see the robot hoard waiting to descend upon me.

An I-Phone is like panties or socks... use them once, throw them away.
Now Levis should never be washed, but should never be disposed of either, they must wrought off the body.

Back to techno.

Thanks to some phrase "Synching with Mobile me" I have some guys number who I'll never call four times & my Mom's cell number is now gone.

"YESTERDAY'S TECHNOLOGY TODAY" I live by that mantra...
I like hearing Cole, Jason or Rico argue about the the phrase, better than the phrase itself, but never the less, it sums us up.

So forgive me for jumping on the johnny-come-lately, trendy band wagon that is bloggling...
but perhaps for that very reason, it is not cool, is what makes it finally perfect for me to accept.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


His first water speed record with BLUE BIRD 3
That's a trophy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

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