Thursday, August 18, 2011

James Intveld

Jimmy played guitar for John Fogerty and we were able to catch up, after way too long.


It was great to see Keith & the boys perform. Buck Cherry left the Buffalo Chip straight for Brooklyn to perform a benefit concert for the Seegers.

Eccentric View

The show at the Buffalo Chip, made me appreciate how much work Michael Licther puts in each year. My crew did most of the heavy lifting and held me together all week. Thanks boys!


I think this started floating around about the time the "STOLEN BRONZE" was in the news.
I have just gotten home from Sturgis & trying to relax, yet life is flying by.
This silly blog is the closest I have to a journal, & I forget too much.
I have a lot to catch up, yet need a little FREE time.
I am told so often how lucky I am, to go to Sturgis each year, & I suppose I shouldn't take it for granted... yet I liken it unto a circus, If you are kid going there it is great, if you are the clown(me) you see it from a different perspective.

This slogan hit home this