Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friends & family

Jen was able to herd cats.
I wish she was in the picture.
We spent three days using my Pop's place as a hub, as we bumped around L.A.
A room full of my heroes, and I am not talking about names on the speed equipment.
My Dad is a king, my brother Jake rules, his son Nathan is a champ, & Cole, Jason, Job & Aaron need no introduction.
No comment on the dog.

panic attack

The interblognet has created a really cool scene.
I was completely impressed with so many bikes at born free.
Being so used to Sturgis, Daytona & the likes, this little deal, with only a fraction of the bikes drawn by the larger venues, just ruled.
Literally more neat machines than I have seen at events with 100 times the volume.
I thought it was very appropriate that it was located in the very place that held the Hootenanny, as the faces were familiar, but the the pompadours were traded in for beards & lovely locks.
My dear friend Roger comes right to my studio & does me right every time, my travel scheduled jacked that up.
Jason & I hadn't shaved or had haircuts in months, we were terrified we would lose each other at the event, so we made a call.
Well past closing, Donnie & his crew at Hawleywood's in Costa Mesa dialed us in.
Proper man pampering, is all I can say.
Lotions & creams, strait razors & clippers made fine gents of us both... well as much grooming could do.
We left the next day, according to the clock, prettier & bags o' goodies to boot. Those boys wouldn't take a dime! I'd tip my hat, but my hair looks so damn good, I won't be wearing one for a while.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Numbskulls, Chattering jaws & USFRA trophies

Sometimes I just need to take a break from the serious sculptures and knock out some fun small ones.

Saturday, June 4, 2011