Saturday, March 26, 2011

Local board track Indian

I noticed this bike well over a decade ago at the Scera Theatre in Orem, Utah.
I would ask about it often, & no one ever return my calls.
Then they remodeled the place and almost ruined this bike.
It is completely original, but they had an insensitive amateur put some kind of clear coat on it, really bad bicycle tires and the wrong seat post, that came straight out of the frame, unlike the original that angled at more than 90 degrees to bring the seat low & back. The seat should sit flush with the frame, & there is even residue from the original friction tape that was rapped around the nose of the seat & thru the top frame tube. The seat used to sit a good 6" a top the post & they did lower it, perhaps the only concession they made to my whining. Worst of all it was put behind glass.
This was a local guy that was ranked nationally, and raced & beat the best in the pre teens era. His leather helmet, trophies, photos, gloves, extra carb & a brief write up of the his history all complement the provenance of this well prserved race machine. His name was Theodore M. Samuelson & he was monikered "The Mormon Daredevil" & the "Pride of Provo". In about 1996, when I was sculpting & doing heavy research on this subject, I wanted to used this bike as a model, & quite frankly wanted to own it really bad. I was never called back or given the time of day, & when it was "cleaned up" I was really upset, for I would have conserved it, much better, just for the right to study it up close. I go back from time to time, but it really bothers me to see this beast in a cage. It is like the old lion I remember at the L.A. Zoo that just sat there waiting to die.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lonnie has always had a good eye.
This cut must be later than the previous post, but I believe the same club.

smoke & mirrors

The TV is passé & the is king.
A place where anonymous cowards make claims & no one calls them on it.
Cole & I have been at this game pretty long & we've gotten more than our fair share of press.
We have been asked to star in Easy Rider 2, & a dozen other hair-brained schemes that haven't & will not come to pass.

When Billy Gibbins gave us his business card, it read;

friend of ERIC CLAPTON

We loved that, stole it & made cards that read;

friend of JD

friend of CF

We have been all over this planet together, some how people believe, we have arrived.
That couldn't be further from the truth.
Maybe people know what Cole got for the Metalicoupe, or what I got for the HD monument, but that was a lot of work that amortized over years, really years.
We aren't retired, or ever received a check that allowed us to buy a second home & a Ferrari.
We are kooks like you... in our mid 40's! Listen man, the orthodontist in your neighbor makes more than us!
We do the things we do, because we are both hopeless romantics, father worshipers, doing the only thing we know how to do.
Don't envy us or pity us, the life we lead, is way less glamourous than people think!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Angel of Death

I have seen this sculpture three times in the past, and knew it was something special.
The problem, being that in St. Peter's Basilica, it is roped off, I could never get closer than 40 feet.
This time I was escorted by my dear friend Alfonso & his brother, who is one of the Swiss Guard. They allowed me to go beyond the fences...
This sculpture is the crown to a doorway, the winged skeleton holding an hour glass is titled, the Angel of Death. This gold guided bronze sculpture is the keeper of time. The wall is of a black marble, rust colored marbled carved exquisitely in the form of a veil, is being lifted.
Beyond the door, is for only those invited. I passed thru and will respect that which is not public.
After an illuminating day behind closed doors at the Vatican, my friends from the Rome chapter of the Hells Angels picked me up for dinner, to round out my theological sojourn.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Spent some quality time with Dan this past week, trying to create some prints that are up to his standards & represent the cuts as the true folk art that they are.
Evenings with JJ watching DOWN at a crazy little music festival & back to Dan's the next day.

A walk with my brother after a long few days.
Austin has a great vibe.




My focus has always been on by-gone clubs & telling an untold story.
Because many different clubs shared the same names, on occasion I have come in contact with pieces that tie to currently existing clubs, & have tried to do the right thing by those clubs.
The sad truth is that after amassing as any cuts as I have many wholes are left.
Huge gaps in time lines & history exist regards early 1%er MCs.
I have decided the most truthful story can only be told from the folk that exists in the cuts themselves.

History is written by the historian, liar or victor, does anyone out there know anything about the DEAD PROPHETS?