Wednesday, June 23, 2010


  1. Nice. I bought one of your books and was quite impressed but didnt expect anything less from the likes of you. I was looking forward to seeing an Aliens cut from the sixties but I guess you cant have them all these things are near impossible to come by for the average joe.

  2. I have photos of the NY Aliens before they patched over to HA, but no cuts... they were neat!

  3. Thought you might be able to contact some people that might be interested in this...

    Pretty sure they're fake because the SS bolts are for sale here

    And the 1% is for sale here

    Also the spacing and font aren't correct for old HA colors from old photos...

    I don't know anyone in the club because I'm in Virginia, but I figured that you might know some people who would bid $10,000 on it to get the guys address and go pick them up. Or you could buy them and do whatever you want with them... your call...



  4. Cowboy,
    send one of those ebay links to my email address & I'll go from there.
    I am rather low tech, but if it ain't right, it'll get shut down right now!
    Thx, JD

  5. They already caught it, ebay removed the auction. You have to put your email up somewhere, I couldn't find it on here...

  6. Jason(Cowboy),
    Was an HA cut for sale?
    I wasn't able to see the stuff you were referring to, but made a call & it was pulled immediately.
    Just curious as to what it was...
    Thx JD

  7. Quite a surprise to see a Heathens Santa Maria patch. There were not very many SM members compared to Venice. I guess anyone who was there knows now that the Grinch was right.
    RIP Lowell