Monday, December 27, 2010

Let it snow, let snow it, let it snow

The plan was to get home from Japan & spend the holidays with the family... away from the snow.
We went on a cruise to the Bahamas, and although Nassau was great, it still felt like a tourist trap.
A cruise is not a good idea.
There is no fun being trapped on a floating mall for a week, being feed cafeteria food & watching cheesy broadway knock offs in the eves, for a lack of anything better. I lost my desire to read & never got out of my funkylackofsleephangover from Tokyo.

Fast forward, NYC.

Cramping the Seeger's style as we abuse their hospitality, stuck in the city as the subway from Church Ave. to J Street is closed. JFK & La Guardia closed. The City is gridlocked.
No delivery, we dug the car out & went for a few pies... best meal so far... car got stuck, as we were digging it out we noticed the bus stuck in the storm & abandoned.
Entire city blocks and parked cars completely buried.
Went sledding in the park & felt like a child.
I need to rethink snow... I could learn to like it.


  1. 7th Ave Brooklyn in Park Slope. That bus was stuck right near where I live! it was crazy.

  2. Snow is a Blast when you get to visit it..!
    But when it consumes your entire environment, for months at a time it can get old.

  3. like what rsful said,,,

    snow's a nice thing to visit but a better thing to leave.

    up here in Montreal, we got winter almost 6 months a year. that's 6 months with no bikes on the road...