Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lady & the Tramp

European Concours' de Elegance have long recognized the value in leaving a vehicle in the state it was found.
Events in the states have caught on, but many California over restorers have had their way with machines that were more valuable pre-restoration.
High profile events tend to be deceiving, because what wins the highest accolades, is a vehicle that often began as only fraction of what you see. A restored machine, by definition, means an existing machine is brought back to its former glory. What really takes place is the replacing, remanufacturing, & recreating of a machine that now is brought to modern day specs, of paint, polish & detail, that far surpasses the level of quality that existed in the state the machine began.
Unmolested machines, virgins, original paint, as raced, & a clear provenance, backed with a paper trail of photos, timing certs, & news clippings, are held in higher esteem to my point of view.
What is even more precious than the vehicle that just rolled off the show room floor, is that rare bird, that just rolled of the track.
I know toy collectors that use the phase, "the right red" & JJ's new toy is just right!


  1. Its a tough decision sometimes. Here on the east coast it seems that 'restored' Beemers are more valuable than original ones. It makes it very difficult in the way one would sell a original machine due to the flash and hype of joining the bandwagon of people that need their bikes to look as 'beautiful' as the next one at the show, that the new owner takes an original machine and 'restores' the orginal. (not only causing the complication of now its too good to ride...) Guess its similar as to respecting your elders.... When looking at aged object; the glow or patina comes forth and presents one with an element of time, much like the years of pressure and such show in the striation of Earth in an archeological dig. But I guess in this modern 'get it new and now' society we've just got to appreciate the few treasures of time still aging in its proper form.

    From your photos... its the 'right' red!

  2. wow that is really neat. S&S went through all the trouble to build a replica but never sought out this bike? crazy!

  3. Awesome Jeff! Hope all is well.

  4. WOW Beautiful machine. Im glad some one had enough class to leave it alone all these years.

  5. There's an expression-i don't know where it comes from-"the beauty of
    decay." Some people think it's a joke, some people really "get it."
    Clearly Mr. Decker you are one of those who "get it.'

  6. Next week, when I cash my winning ticket, I'm gonna buy that bike and put the whole thing in a chrome bath. MWA-HA-HA!

  7. A nice restored bike isn't worth all that much to me, either. It becomes garage art, just meant to wheel around maybe on Sundays, but generally just sit in a safe place and keep its value. All my machines are for riding exclusively. I with my old ones looked nicer, but they still work, and I still ride em.

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