Monday, March 22, 2010

None more black


  1. When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come!" And I saw, and behold a black horse, and its rider had a balance in its hand. ~ Rev. Chapter VI
    This bike is otherworldly.

  2. sriously a rollin piece of art
    L&R MBL

  3. This is probably the first time since seeing all the drag Vincents in Big Sid's book that I've been completely blown away by a bike. I didn't think anything could ever out do the Martz/Auger lightning, but I think this does. This, to me, is the pinnacle- inspiring. Well done Sir!

  4. ..i cant even really put into words what yer motorbike has done to my are outdoing yourself sir..that is an amazing piece of equipment to say the absolute sure the anticipation to ride her is overwhelming..keep up the great work mr. decker..

  5. Looks like it was inspired by the Bullet Falcon of Ian Barry.

  6. Michael, I bet you think Robert Johnson was inspired by Keith Richards.

  7. Beautiful bike. Floating seat, back fender, handlbars, tank shape, girder forks, and overall feel of the bike does look Bullet inspired. Not sure how anybody could connect the Bullet Falcon or it's handywork with Keith Richards unless they haven't paid much attention, but that's just me. We're all inspired by the best in each other, it's a good thing. The Bullet is a work of art, as is this bike in it's own right.

  8. Dave, we can draw any conclusion we choose.

    The 'floating' seat appeared with the very first motorcycles.
    I was THE first to use a board track seat that 'floats' on my Crocker custom over a decade ago.

    The back fenders on bikes have been bobbed before people called themselves customizers.

    The handlebars have been turned down since the teens to put one in a racing stance.

    The tank shape is stock to Vincents & predates the Triumph.

    The girder forks are stock to the Vincent & predate the Triumph.

    Vincent Lightenings came race ready with 20" rear & 21" front alloy wheels, also predating Triumph, giving the "overall feel" you must be referring to.

    You forgot to mention they are both black & British.

    As for the Rob't Johnson/Keith Richard analogy, I can only assume the guy means Johnson made the greatest American Blues before Richards was born even though you're only familiar the Rolling Stones.

    Yes, we are all inspired, but not always by each other. I draw my inspiration on early race motifs & NOT current builders. Inspiration is chronological, but the observer doesn't always know which came first.

    Ian & Ms. Knight are wonderful people, & they build neat bikes, but you are reaching your own conclusions & they are not mine.

  9. Wow, what was meant as a compliment has been taken completely out of context by some VERY sensitive people. The word "narcissism" definitely comes to mind.

  10. Michael, you hit the nail on the head!
    My wife uses the words, "sensitive" & "narcissism", to describe me all the time.
    I have a lot of other flaws too.

  11. As a fellow sensitive narcissist I feel extremely flattered that my bike/name would be brought up in comparison to Jeff's work. Jeff is a true artist.

    His motorcycles are obviously inspired by an incredible passion for them... in this sense we are in a similar vein.

    As for this Vincent being inspired by the Bullet I built, I must say that I agree with Jeff's conclusions & totally get where his actual references come from: A deep knowledge, love & respect for early iconic motorcycles and the need to build one that pays homage to these classics, and yet is completely unique, personal and one's own... Which he did!

    Your work inspires ME Jeff.

    ...That being said - the upcoming Falcon build after this one is a Vincent Black Shadow and I don't want you getting any ideas that I copied you ;) !!

    - Ian Barry

  12. Dear Ian, I can only image the future comparisons!
    The heads look a like!
    The bottom ends are identical!
    Cheers, my brother.

  13. jeff, where did you get the avon salt flats tires? was it that cat from aaok? the bike is great. what is funny is how evrybody wants to critique it. what are we in collage again? anyways, can you get your hands on anymore of them there tires for a felow bike builder and bronze caster? going to nyc this weekend with my fellow foundry buds. art art art and hot women! check out my blog and become a friend!

  14. I wish I knew where to get more of those tires.
    I believe they were a sponsorship tire from the 1950's.
    Used & tossed.
    The 21" is rare & the 20" is impossible.

  15. It is a great bike Jeff. Comparisons are the easy way for folks to describe things, especially if they don't know the source material. (no offense intended to Michael the commenter above) It's only a matter of time until somebody calls it a flat tracker, motocrosser or a board track racer, like some people did with Ian's bike.