Saturday, March 13, 2010

Runaways vs. The GoGos

Joan Jett rules.

I saw her a few years a go, at the unveiling of my monument for the HD museum.

My beloved Cole Foster dated one of the broads from the GoGos... we saw them in Las Vegas & made small talk back stage. She(Cole's X), didn't care for me much, & said I was a name dropper.

She wrote a song about Cole.

On with the story; she resides in Austin & mentioned a friend of hers, who collects Vincents... well I am tight with Herb Harris, who also is an Austin resident & is THE Vincent collector & not the guy she was referring to... a clown for all I am concerned.

In a insecure & desperate attempt to redeem myself, I mentioned the only other two people I know in Austin... & I became a "name dropper".

Yeah, I hold a grudge.

One other thing, the FUN BOY THREE version of "My Lips are Sealed" is better.


  1. Seems like a good contest to settle with a cage match. Fairly confident the smart money would be on the Runaways.

  2. I am old and pretty much washed up. But damn I still love the Go-Gos.

  3. RIP Sandy - The baddest runaway of them all!

  4. Joan Jett "I love Rock'n Roll" forever !

    The Cool Rocker Girl

  5. Runaways. Joan is bad ass. If you watch an old Lita Ford video, she has some playing skills.

  6. Let's not forget Poison Idea's take on "We Got the Beat"