Thursday, November 25, 2010


Do not be alarmed, simply lie on your back...


  1. I wonder how close I came to being there I was at "The Black Rose Ranch" just south of Herrmanns' Royal Lipizzan Stallions
    I saw all kind of small signs "Go this way"
    "Go 5 miles an hour" "Get out of your car and lie on the ground" I was on a motorcycle a yamaha rd350b I should not even post here I just rode a toy. Any way I did not want to park on the soft ground so I rode around in a circle, Finaly a guy poped out from cover wearing what might have been a Marine uniform from the 1920's with a rifle and he told me I had not followed orders and to leave, and I left

    The “Cocaine Coup”.

    On July 17, 1980, for the first time in history, drug traffickers actually took control of a nation. It was not just any nation, it was Bolivia, at the time the source of virtually 100 percent of the cocaine entering the United States.[6] The “Cocaine Coup” was the bloodiest in Bolivia’s history. It came at a time that the US demand for cocaine was skyrocketing to the point that, in order to satisfy it, suppliers had to consolidate raw materials and production and get rid of inefficient producers. Its result was the creation of what came to be known as La Corporacion—The Corporation—in essence, the General Motors or OPEC of Cocaine.

    Immediately after the coup production of cocaine increased massively until, in short order, it outstripped supply. It was the true beginning of the cocaine and crack “plague” as the media and hack politicians never tire of calling it. July 17, 1980 is truly a day that should live in equal infamy along with December 7th, 1941. There are few events in history that have caused more and longer lasting damage to our nation.

    What America was never told, in spite of mainstream media having the information and a prime, inside source who was ready to go public with the story, was that the coup was carried out with the aid and participation of Central Intelligence. The source would also testify and prove that, in order to carry out that coup, the CIA, State and Justice departments had to combine forces to protect their drug dealing assets by destroying a DEA investigation—US v Roberto Suarez, et al. How do I know? I was that inside source.[7]

    All the events I am referring to are detailed in my book The Big White Lie, a book that, to date, has been virtually ignored by mainstream media—with good reason, as I hope this chapter makes clear.[8] The documentation of the events portrayed was carried out in accordance with accepted techniques and practices of evidence gathering as taught in each of the four federal law enforcement training academies I attended. I took precisely the same precautions I would have taken were I preparing a case for a jury, backing up every assertion with solid evidence in the form of reports and tape-recorded conversations.

    The Big White Lie is, at present, out-of-print, but it is available in libraries. I can only urge the reader, particularly those in law enforcement and the legal professions to read it and judge its evidentiary value for yourselves.

    During the months after the Bolivian coup I watched the massive news coverage with astonishment. Nothing even came close to the true and easily provable events. All of it was accurate in that it frighteningly portrayed the new Bolivian government as one comprised of expatriate Nazis like Klaus Barbie and drug dealers like Roberto Suarez and that the power and influence of the drug economy was much greater than all the US experts had imagined, but it left out the most important fact of all: It was CIA directed and US taxpayer dollars that had put these guys in power.

  2. props for the longest, most off topic but interesting comment i've ever read, but i'm gonna hunt down the book and read it.