Saturday, November 6, 2010

Forbidden Few

I got out bid on Ebay! I didn't think anybody cared about this stuff.
It was a mistake to let this one go. A very nice piece.


  1. Hopefully whoever got it will respect as much as you would have. If not, we'll have to do unto them, then split.

  2. yeah, topped a grand too ,
    I figured you'd be the heavy hitter on this and didn't bother to bid ( I had no chance lol)
    SHOCKED that you didn't get it !....well there is still the VENDATTAS cut?

  3. nice one...
    would have been a great addition to your collection.

  4. just saw jeff decker`s lair......pretty fuckin cool. keep doin what you do. ride safe, be peace.......

  5. Wow..that was a good one. Saw this one today on ebay item# 230503916194.

  6. I hit that one for like $850 but knew I didn't have a chance, its one of the best OG cuts I've seen on there, love the small patches and wings on the front... I was thinking it was you that won it for sure!

  7. I hate this post.
    Every time I look at it, the regrets swell.

  8. My dear friend Meisei in Tokyo was the winning bidder.
    While at NOONEYES, he gifted me the cut!!!!
    The generosity of friends, is impossible to repay.